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I am happy on the Hongri

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I came to Hongri machinery has been more than 4 years ago, did not understand the agricultural machinery, maybe many people wonder how a girl interested in agricultural machinery. I still remember when I was young, I had a tractor or a 12-horsepower single-cylinder tractor. During the busy season, my father would let me sit on the tractor and hold the steering wheel. Maybe I was a boy and I learned to drive tractors for a long time. Now come to Hongri machinery to do foreign trade business, instantaneously to agricultural machinery had a strong interest.
Just came to the company, had a strong interest together, with the old staff run the workshop to see how others explain to customers, how to contact the logistics arrangements for delivery to customers, learn a little day, every day in progress, more than four years In the past, I became an old employee of Hong Ri Machinery.
Hong Ri mechanical disk harrow, disc plow, trailer these large pieces are exported to foreign countries, we received many large orders abroad. This fully expressed the recognition of foreign customers on the red machinery.
Red Ri machinery products progress every day, just like our disc plow, the beginning of a single diagonal rod, and later there are customer requirements plus strong, we made a double-diagonal rod. Disc harrow at the beginning of the old models are bearing leakage, and now all made of all-inclusive bearings, greatly enhance the quality of products, while increasing the service life, customers in the use of the process, easier to maintain, our The new product has been the majority of agricultural users alike.
I feel happy and comfortable in the plowing day of the red sun, of course, the most important thing is my own pay in return. Now I and my husband set up their own happy family.
Thank you for seeing my little record.